For recruiters

Please note that I value my time highly and want to be prepared to all discussions regarding job opportunities. Therefore, I kindly ask you to appoint all phone calls via e-mail or LinkedIn message system. Calendar invitations are really appreciated. If you call me and I don't answer, please leave voicemail, SMS, or e-mail.

Due to high market demands and competition I'd like to inform you that for foreseeable future I'm not interested in B2B contracts and immediate relocation. Additionally, I really appreciate when the first message from recruiter defines experience expectations and salary range for permanent employment contract. This saves time for both sides.

COVID-19 pandemic proven remote work in IT works, and therefore I'm not considering any companies that (after pandemic ends of course) would require presence in the office for more than 25% of time. Additionally, I strongly value flexible working time that allows to concentrate high focus work time when employees have their peak performance.

Currently, I'm not interested in positions that would involve maintaining Windows Server, SQL Server or any other Microsoft business applications for more than 10% of a typical working month.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile.
My resume (CV) in PDF format is available here.